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Water-like leaders

Leadership, like water, shapes and  reshapes worlds—eternally adaptive , yet relentlessly transformative”.

About the Author

As the  President and Chief Executive Officer of JDCExec International, I am currently based out of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. 

When asked I would say that leadership comes naturally to me and I thoroughly enjoy imparting my knowledge to others. So much so, that my curiosity and passion lead me to complete my MBA in Leadership and Sustainability in 2015 at the University of Cumbria. 

In my latest journey, I am utilising both my leadership skills as well as expert skills in Water Process & Energy Management in supporting interested parties with; External Analyses, Strategic Alternatives by Subsector / Region, Sustainability Strategist, Value proposition description, New business models description, Strategic Choices – Growth drivers, Resources and investments required to execute proposed business models, Risk assessment, Change Management and Training – on-line or face-to-face.

About the book

In “Water-Like Leaders and Strategy,” Dr. Nellie Swanepoel invites you on a journey where her passions for water and leadership converge into a powerful synthesis. Imagine yourself floating down a serene river, feeling the gentle yet unstoppable force of the current. This is how leadership should feel—graceful, powerful, and transformative.

As you flow through the pages, you’ll experience the wisdom of leadership through the lens of water. Picture a river carving out a majestic canyon over thousands of years, its path shaped by unwavering determination and vision.

This is the essence of true leadership. And like the mighty waterfall that cascades with decisive, powerful force, leaders must know when to take bold action.

“Dr. Swanepoel’s book is more than a guide; it’s a practical manual for modern, adaptable, and compassionate leadership. By drawing parallels between the natural water cycle and leadership cycles, she unveils the complexities and endless possibilities within organizational life.” – Dr. Deon Bester

Leaders find themselves in uncharted waters, navigating hybrid offices and the rise of artificial intelligence. This new environment challenges traditional leadership principles, blending the emotional impact of global disruptions with the efficient, sometimes impersonal nature of AI.

“Water-Like Leaders and Strategy” will not only question your leadership skills but will delve into your deepest passions and motivations. Our world does not only need competent leaders—it needs kind and resilient leaders, combined in one. Dr. Swanepoel’s insights will inspire you to become a transformational leader.

This book is essential for anyone who aspires to lead with empathy, resilience, and vision. Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and ultimately transformed. Dive in and discover a refreshing perspective on leadership that will empower you to flow and lead like water.