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Comprehensive Water and Process Services

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Our Water Management, Waste Water Treatment & Process Technologies Services comprise of different elements.  An assessment to have a clear understanding of your need is always the first step.

The way forward will be determined in agreement to support the furthermost value addition for a specific request.

Deliver added value

to businesses, communities and stake holders

  • Issue usable reports for record keeping.
  • Address Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) with relevant Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Provide basic- and advanced training educate all levels in the company to speak the same “language”
  • Provide a range of services that help you to optimise assets life-cycle
  • Offer environmentally friendly and resource-efficient solutions in water management, waste water treatment and process technologies

Energy efficiency and sustainable water re-use

in water management, waste water treatment and process technologies

  • Water balance
  • Processes involved with specific requirements
  • Water reuse / treatment
  • Waste water treatment
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Optimized chemical usage
  • Innovative and green technology equipment selection
  • Energy efficiency with alternate fuels yield improvement

Optimised OPEX

(Operational expenditure) in Water management, waste water treatment and process technologies


  • Operational Assessment
  • Operational and Design Comparisons
  • Operational Benchmarking Comparisons
  • Site- Audits / On- Line Audits
  • Findings Report
  • Project Plan – the Way Forward

Strategise on the most efficient

adaption to the new People, Planet & Profit requirements


  • Creating a climate of curiosity by benchmarking site operations with similar operations in the industry
  • This is done by leverage a deep understanding of your business operations, processes and priorities by comparing this information with timeous market related information
  • Offer consultancy services and solutions that reduce your risk, increase shelf life of products and train people to the new requirements
  • Structure and act on your dream to achieve your company goals and objectives related to water management, waste water treatment and process technologies

Asset Management

in water management, waste water treatment and process technologies


  • Identify all relevant assets
  • Obtain design operating parameters
  • Produce efficient focus with gap analysis
  • Prioritise future actions
  • Preventative actions

Health and Safety

in water management, waste water treatment and process technologies


  • EHS legislation requirements
  • EHS process evaluations
  • Produce quick and efficient gap analyses
  • Action plan to action most critical first
  • Legionella water treatment systems assessments
  • Legionella preventative plans and training

Build a fourth revolution business in

water management, waste water treatment and process technologies

  • Work in collaboration to develop solutions that are relevant to your business needs
  • Continuously explore and develop solutions that help you differentiate your business
  • Increased business efficiency with continuous improvement in fourth evolution technology

Our Experience

JDCEXECint provides 30+ years of water- and process treatment experience in a variety of industries and applications. 







Responsible. Know-How. Drop by Drop.


JDCEXEC International supports organisations with improving water- and process applications by avoiding costs that would be subtracted from their profit. We make this feasible by adding value in achievable and measurable modules in a quantified time. Simultaneously, meet sustainability goals with allowing more clean water to use in communities.


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