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 Water, Energy & Food Integration… Protecting, Preserving, and Propelling Forward to a Sustainable Future

JDCh20 empowers governments, organizations and individuals to enhance water and process applications in different industries. Slashing unnecessary costs and boosting profits. We’re at the forefront of merging power and water through cutting-edge solutions, safeguarding natural resources, and championing environmental conservation for a sustainable future. Our approach revolutionizes the power and water sectors with tangible, innovative outcomes, all within a clearly defined timeline. By aligning with sustainability objectives, we’re not just aiming for net zero by 2050; we’re ensuring communities have access to cleaner water, protecting marine ecosystems, and driving forward with eco-friendly initiatives. Working in a circular- instead of a linnear model.JDCh20 is reshaping the landscape with sustainable, impactful innovations, making a greener, more prosperous future a reality.

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Welcome to a greener future

Utilize our in-depth knowledge of your business’s operational frameworks, processes, and strategic focuses in the areas of water, power, food and process treatment as well as sustainability and ocean health .

This insight is applied to conduct comprehensive market assessments, establish benchmarks, perform detailed site audits, suggest innovative solutions, improve operational efficiencies, and provide customized training programs.

Industries covered: 

Automotive, Chemicals, District Cooling, Facilities Management and Buildings Food & Beverages, Micro Electronics, Mining & Minerals, Municipal Market, Oil & Gas (Up stream, Mid stream & Down Stream), Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Refineries, Steel, and Textiles.

 Sustainability – Carbon Capturing:

Renewable energy, Smart cities, water,energy and food nexus. Influent Clarification, Cooling Water, Boiler Water, Wastewater, Water Re-use, Reverse Osmosis, Desalination, Process Applications in all above-mentioned industries and all different filtration applications.

Sustainable Development

Water scarcity, climate change and greenhouse gas emissions are critical challenges for governments, communities, businesses, and manufacturing sectors around the world. In response, governments, regulatory authorities, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and large corporations are implementing stringent reduction targets in line with changing national laws to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

JDCh2o aids all relevant parties in adhering to these legislative requirements by enhancing water and energy efficiency. Our approach is centered on three core principles: environmental stewardship (Planet), community well-being (People), and economic success (Profit). Also called Environment, Society and Governance (ESG.)

Eco-efficient Innovation

JDCh2o boosts profitability through leading advancements in water management, wastewater treatment, and process innovation for various industries. Our strategy focuses on optimizing water usage and recycling, which not only enhances operational efficiencies but also significantly cuts down pollution. This leads to a reduction in potential environmental fines, directly benefiting the financial bottom line. However, as the scrutiny of economic benefits intensifies with respect to their environmental and social impacts, pressures on profitability increase. JDCh2o responds by enhancing the efficiency of existing assets and the skill set of our workforce. We advise on strategies to reduce or more efficiently manage water and energy consumption, thus lowering pollution and emissions and minimizing the risk of fines. In an era where the economic implications are closely examined alongside environmental and social impacts, JDCh2o is committed to continuous improvement and rigorous monitoring to ensure a harmonious balance between economic growth, environmental preservation, and social responsibility.


Profit Optimization through Sustainable Water Management Solutions

JDCEXECint specializes in leading effective Water Management, Waste Water Treatment, and Process Technologies across various industries. Our focus on optimizing water usage and promoting water re-use not only benefits waste water treatment plants but also enhances operational efficiency, reducing water and power consumption. This leads to discharging less polluted water and optimized air emissions, contributing to fewer or no fines and ultimately boosting the bottom line.

In today’s landscape, where the economic impact of business activities is scrutinized in terms of both societal and environmental consequences, profitability is facing increased challenges. JDCEXECint addresses these challenges by providing support in optimizing existing assets, enhancing productivity, and developing the skillsets of individuals working within these systems.


Water, Food and Energy Resilience Solutions

Only 2% of the world’s water is fit for consumption by communities and businesses, highlighting the critical issue of water wastage that not only increases energy consumption but also contributes to water scarcity and a growing carbon footprint, fueling climate change and its disruptive consequences.

JDCh2o excels in providing expert guidance on Water and Wastewater Management, as well as optimisation of energy resources to navigate these challenging times.

Moreover, our expertise extends to renewable energy, strategies for the future energy and power landscape, water trading, and managing the effects of climate disruptions, all aimed at enhancing water and food security.



Sustainability Education Transformation

Due to the continuous changes associated with climate change and – disruptive accompanied by ever changing sustainable legislation, constant updates and training are required for all to understand in communities and businesses.

Although business should be about making people’s lives better (employees and communities), defining an inspiring purpose and turning promises into reality it is also about making a profit.

People’s lives can only be influenced if they know what change to adapt to and the impact their adaptation has in the bigger picture.  JDCEXECint supports communities and employees to understand what they can do to contribute to impact the bigger picture….sustainability and environmental health, safety practices, water reuse; a few courses to be mentioned.


In our quest for a sustainable future, the protection of communities, oceans, and our food supply is crucial

This calls for a unified approach to embrace conservation efforts, minimize environmental impact, and foster sustainable practices across all sectors.

By safeguarding our oceans, we protect the vast biodiversity within them, crucial for maintaining ecological balance and supporting the livelihoods of millions.

Ensuring the sustainability of our food systems involves adopting practices that promote soil health, reduce waste, and protect water resources, thereby securing food for current and future generations.

Empowering communities through education and participation in environmental conservation efforts cultivates a sense of stewardship and responsibility towards our planet. Together, through collective action and commitment to sustainability, we can preserve the health of our planet and ensure the well-being for future generations..



Sustainability, regeneration

In our quest for sustainability, regeneration is key to preserving the vitality of communities, oceans, and food systems.

Regeneration involves not just sustaining but actively restoring and revitalizing these interconnected elements of our world.

By nurturing resilient communities, implementing regenerative farming practices, and protecting marine ecosystems, we can ensure the health and prosperity of both people and planet.

Embracing regenerative approaches means replenishing what we consume, restoring what we degrade, and cultivating a harmonious relationship with nature. It’s about envisioning a future where our actions regenerate the environment, fostering abundance, resilience, and thriving ecosystems for generations to come.



Urgent need to preserve water and energy resources.

In propelling activities within communities, oceans, and food systems, we recognize the urgent need to preserve water and energy resources.

Propelling these efforts involves actively driving forward initiatives that prioritize water conservation and energy efficiency, ensuring the sustainable use of our planet’s vital resources.

By empowering communities to adopt innovative technologies, implement sustainable practices, and promote conservation measures, we can propel progress towards a more resilient and sustainable future.

From harnessing renewable energy sources to implementing water-saving techniques in agriculture and fisheries, propelling these activities is essential for safeguarding the health of our ecosystems and securing a thriving environment for generations to come.


In Q4 of 2019, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Abu Dhabi, approached Nellie Swanepoel of JD Exec, to conduct a mapping assignment of agents/distributors supplying water technologies across the Gulf region and across relevant sectors. Nellie also provided a briefing to Dutch companies during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (Jan 12 to 16th 2020) on water technology opportunities across sectors and a presentation on how to do business in the Gulf region, including how to select a local partner and when best to use a distributor, agent etc. Nellie did a wonderful job of identifying reliable and competent agents/distributors that have since remained an invaluable part of the Embassy network. We continue to leverage those contacts when we have incoming missions or when supporting Dutch water-tech SMEs break into the Gulf market. Throughout the assignment and even after, Nellie was attentive to our needs, flexible, and consistently went above and beyond expectations to deliver high quality services. We are thankful to her and strongly recommend them for other assignments.

Omar Saif

Regional Economic Advisor Water-Energy-Food , Nexus - Gulf Region

I had the pleasure of working with Nellie on a very successful Workplace Readiness Program for a Power and Water Utilities client. Nellie was instrumental in designing and delivering the technical training courses and coaching to a group of 95 new hires. A great asset to any team, she is highly professional, knowledgeable and a joy to work with!

Faisal Chareuf

Consulting Director - Strategic Advisor - Digital Transformation Leadership Coach, Muscat, Masqaţ, Oman

Nellie was one of the unforgettable leaders I have worked for during my GE time. She was very respectable, knowledgeable , easy to approach and very humble. We all have enjoyed working for Nellie at office, as well as enjoyed her company outside office. She was very keen to build up a nice culture of collaboration, empowerment, experience sharing and most importantly a culture of trust . She made us all feel that we are a one big family, and we need support and help each other’s. Nellie is a perfect example of successful women in power, and the positive effect on delivering growth, developing the business as well as as on the building team spirit and collaborative working culture.

Albert A. Alterjman

General Manager MENA at Beckman Coulter LS, A Danaher Company

Nellie Swanepoel

Nellie Swanepoel

President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Nellie Swanepoel: Pioneering Sustainable Leadership

Dr. Nellie Swanepoel stands at the forefront of sustainability and leadership, combining an MBA in Leadership and Sustainability, an Executive Master in Leadership and Strategy, and a Doctorate in Executive Leadership and Strategy with a lifelong passion for environmental stewardship. Her global journey through over 60 countries has fueled a deep commitment to integrating sustainable practices in the water and power industries, advocating for a circular approach to replace the outdated linear models.

An authentic and passionate leader, Dr. Nellie believes in empowerment and growth, dedicating her career to mentoring future generations in sustainability, AI, and smart city concepts. Her work, including influential books “Water-Like Leadership & Strategy” and “Grace to Glory,” reflects her vision for a world where leadership flows like water—adapting, filling, and nurturing.

Driven by the philosophy that “Your smile is your logo, be kind and treat everyone equally,” Dr. Swanepoel’s approach to leadership and life inspires resilience, wisdom, and a commitment to sustainable living. Her legacy is not just in her achievements, but in the positive impact she continues to make on the planet and its people.

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+971 55 290 5593

Office Location

Dubai and South-Africa

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