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We are experts in Water Management, Waste Water Treatment & Process Technologies

JDCh20 supports organisations & individuals with improving water- and process applications by avoiding costs that would be subtracted from their profit. We make this feasible by adding value in achievable and measurable modules in a quantified time. Simultaneously, meet sustainability goals with allowing more clean water to use in communities.

Responsible. Know-How. Drop by Drop.

Together with Maskam Water we are Solving the Water Problem in Every City

 We where chosen as 1 of the 5 winning solutions at COP this year

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The Solution To The Water Problem 

In Q4 of 2019, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Abu Dhabi, approached Nellie Swanepoel of JD Exec, to conduct a mapping assignment of agents/distributors supplying water technologies across the Gulf region and across relevant sectors. Nellie also provided a briefing to Dutch companies during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (Jan 12 to 16th 2020) on water technology opportunities across sectors and a presentation on how to do business in the Gulf region, including how to select a local partner and when best to use a distributor, agent etc. Nellie did a wonderful job of identifying reliable and competent agents/distributors that have since remained an invaluable part of the Embassy network. We continue to leverage those contacts when we have incoming missions or when supporting Dutch water-tech SMEs break into the Gulf market. Throughout the assignment and even after, Nellie was attentive to our needs, flexible, and consistently went above and beyond expectations to deliver high quality services. We are thankful to her and strongly recommend them for other assignments.

Omar Saif

Regional Economic Advisor Water-Energy-Food , Nexus - Gulf Region

I had the pleasure of working with Nellie on a very successful Workplace Readiness Program for a Power and Water Utilities client. Nellie was instrumental in designing and delivering the technical training courses and coaching to a group of 95 new hires. A great asset to any team, she is highly professional, knowledgeable and a joy to work with!

Faisal Chareuf

Consulting Director - Strategic Advisor - Digital Transformation Leadership Coach, Muscat, Masqaţ, Oman

Nellie was one of the unforgettable leaders I have worked for during my GE time. She was very respectable, knowledgeable , easy to approach and very humble. We all have enjoyed working for Nellie at office, as well as enjoyed her company outside office. She was very keen to build up a nice culture of collaboration, empowerment, experience sharing and most importantly a culture of trust . She made us all feel that we are a one big family, and we need support and help each other’s. Nellie is a perfect example of successful women in power, and the positive effect on delivering growth, developing the business as well as as on the building team spirit and collaborative working culture.

Albert A. Alterjman

General Manager MENA at Beckman Coulter LS, A Danaher Company

Welcome to a greener future

Leverage deep understanding of your business operations, processes and priorities in water- and process treatment and energy optimisation.

Apply this knowledge in conducting market assessments, benchmarking, site audits, innovation recommendations and efficiency improvements and training

Industries covered: 

Automotive, Chemicals, District Cooling, Facilities Management and Buildings Food & Beverages, Micro Electronics, Mining & Minerals, Municipal Market, Oil & Gas (Up stream, Mid stream & Down Stream), Pharmaceutical, Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Refineries, Steel, and Textiles

Applications Covered: 

Influent Clarification, Cooling Water, Boiler Water, Wastewater, Water Re-use, Reverse Osmosis, Desalination, Process Applications in all above-mentioned industries and all different filtration applications


Water scarcity is a major country and business risk for all communities, businesses and manufacturing industries. Therefore strict reduction goals are set by utility governing bodies, SME’s and corporates under the continuously changing country legislation.

JDCEXECint helps communities and businesses to meet these legislation requirements with optimisation of water and energy reductions by leveraging the following three components:

Profit, Planet, and People


JDCEXECint leads effective Water Management, Waste Water Treatment & Process Technologies in numerous industries.  Water “use” optimisation and water re-use benefit the waste water treatment plants as well as operational water- and power usage. Discharges less polluted water and optimised air emissions which contribute to less or no fines contributes to the bottom line.  However, the economic impact is increasingly under scrutiny as both the impact of people and planet is measured. Adding more stress on profitability. JDCEXECint supports in optimising existing assets, productivity as well as the skillset of people working on these systems.

JDCEXECint advises on reduced demand- or improved demand management of water and energy sources. Emits less pollution and emission which contributes to less or no fines.

However, the economic impact is increasingly under scrutiny as both the impact of people and planet is measured. Adding more stress on profitability. Although buying price, operating costs and production is benchmarked; continuous improvement and monitoring is eminent. JDCEXECint supports in optimising existing assets productivity as well as the skillset of people working on these systems.


Only 2% of water on the planet is consumption viable for communities and businesses. Irresponsible water wastage which mostly results in increasing energy usage contributes to water scarcity and an increasing carbon footprint which is responsible for climate change and -disruptive.

JDCEXECint has the expertise in supporting knowledge on Water Management, Waste Water Treatment & Process Technologies in disruptive times.

Associated with this; the knowledge of renewable energy, energy and power mix for the future, water trading and management of climate disruptive impactors to assist with water- and food safety.




Due to the continuous changes associated with climate change and – disruptive accompanied by ever changing sustainable legislation, constant updates and training are required for all to understand in communities and businesses.

Although business should be about making people’s lives better (employees and communities), defining an inspiring purpose and turning promises into reality it is also about making a profit.

People’s lives can only be influenced if they know what change to adapt to and the impact their adaptation has in the bigger picture.  JDCEXECint supports communities and employees to understand what they can do to contribute to impact the bigger picture….sustainability and environmental health, safety practices, water reuse; a few courses to be mentioned.

Value-Added Solution Services

Our Services comprise of different elements. 

An assessment to have a clear understanding of your need is always the first step.  The way forward will be determined in agreement to support the furthermost value addition for a specific request


Management and Leadership Development


Business and executive Consulting


Strategic Management Consulting


HR Business Partnering


Business Expansion


New Business Services

Six Step Problem Solving Model


JDCEXECint provides 30+ years of water- and process treatment experience in a variety of industries and applications. 

This experience is applied by merging theoretical- and on-site knowledge demonstrating an in-depth understanding of your procedures and processes.

Presented as assessments, analyses, problem solving, asset protection and reports with guidelines. Training courses; covering, technical, commercial, leadership and general topics.

We are excited to supporting you in resolving your challenges.








Our Services

Optimised OPEX

(Operational expenditure) in Water management, waste water treatment and process technologies

E- Learning for Business

 The latest and best training programs for professionals

Build a fourth revolution business

 in water management, waste water treatment and process technologies

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

water reuse in water management, waste water treatment and process technologies

Asset Management

 in water management, waste water treatment

and process technologies

Health and Safety

in water management, waste water treatment and process technologies

Deliver added value

 to business, communities and stake holders


adaption to People, Planet & Profit


About Nellie

Nellie Swanepoel

Nellie Swanepoel

President and Chief Executive Officer


As the  President and Chief Executive Officer of JDCExec International, I am currently based out of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. My journey to launching JDCExec has been filled with many great adventures and achievements. Significantly, during my career of more than 30 years, I completed several courses in water treatment, as well as, process treatment of various industries amongst power generation, petrochemical and refinery, steel, mining minerals & processing, pulp and paper, chemical, automotive, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and institutional (facilities & resorts). Moreover, I strived for conscientious learning and hard work thus becoming an expert in water- and process-related industries and with these skills and expertise, I pioneered ground-breaking directions in the industry. 

When asked I would say that leadership comes naturally to me and I thoroughly enjoy imparting my knowledge to others. So much so, that my curiosity and passion lead me to complete my MBA in Leadership and Sustainability in 2015 at the University of Cumbria. 

Through my keen business strategy and aggressive business tactics together with my team, we grew a profitable business for General Electric Company (GE) Water & Process Technologies, Sub Saharan Africa. Additionally,  In my role as Managing Director, my exposure to different countries outside of Africa increased. Passionate and broad-minded I wanted to learn more about different cultures and business activities globally. Therefore, I relocated from South Africa to Dubai in 2010 supporting the GE Water & Process Technologies Middle East team with leadership skills and expertise in water- & process treatment. To our delight, a new window opened for both me and my colleagues in the Middle East. As an advantage of being based in Dubai, I transitioned into several new roles over the following years, allowing my curiosity in learning new cultures and their ways of conducting business to blossom. From the Cape to Cairo, Middle East, Asia Pacific, China, Europe, North America, and Latin America – what a wonderful journey it has been and the lessons learned will not soon be forgotten. 


In my latest journey, I am utilising both my leadership skills as well as expert skills in Water-, Process- & Energy Management in supporting interested parties with; External Analyses, Strategic Alternatives by Subsector / Region, Sustainability Strategist, Value proposition description, New business models description, Strategic Choices – Growth drivers, Resources and investments required to execute proposed business models, Risk assessment, Change Management and Training – on-line or face-to-face.

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Office Location

Dubai and South-Africa

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